Vacation Rental Cleaning – Don’t Make These Mistakes

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Cleaning Made Easy vacation rental cleaning services are based in Bend Oregon.

It’s not easy to keep a vacation rental clean and comfortable for travelers. Aside from appropriate decorating, comfortable furniture, and the right appliances, vacation rental cleaning plays a crucial role in making your property a top choice to help you keep your vacation rental home or apartment booked year-round.

Benefits of hiring a reliable and professional vacation rental cleaning service go beyond keeping the property clean:

  • They can be your “eyes and ears” to alert you of potential problems
  • They will honor local health department codes
  • You will have peace of mind knowing that your property is well cared for

There are plenty of housekeepers out there. How can you make the right choice?

Here are our top tips on how to hire a cleaning service for your vacation rental:

Ask other owners in the area who they use for cleaning their vacation properties

People often assume that other owners of vacation rental properties in Central Oregon are their competition. More often than not, they turn out to be your best resource. They will probably be happy to share the contact info of the cleaning service they use. All you need to do is ask.

Find cleaners on the job at vacation rentals and go meet them

Renters usually check out during the weekends, so chances are that housekeepers will be on duty then. Take a look around the neighborhood and don’t be afraid to approach them. Not only will you find out more about how they work, but you’ll find out how they communicate with potential guests.

Ask them if they accept new clients and get more info about the rates and service. Be sure to ask questions like these:

  • Do you work alone or with a company?
  • What types of supplies do you use?
  • How many other rentals do you currently clean?
  • Do you have room to take on more work?
  • Are you licensed, bonded, and insured?
  • What is the going rate for long-term cleaning?

Check local listings for vacation rental cleaning ads

Another way to find the best cleaning service for your vacation rental is to check the local listings. Look for advertisements online, but be careful.

Put your detective hat on and investigate the individual or company you want to hire. Definitely make sure all required licenses and insurance are in place. Never try to save a few dollars by hiring someone flying under the radar. That can come back to bite you in the wallet … HARD.

Always ask for references from current and past clients. Make sure the list goes beyond friends and family, and talk to all the references provided.

You can ask these questions:

  • Were you satisfied with the cleaning service provided?
  • Why don’t you use their services anymore?
  • Would you hire them again?

Why you should use a checklist for vacation rental cleaning

It goes without saying that your housekeeper should show up on time, as well as report and communicate with you about any issues discovered on your vacation rental property. 

Checklists are a good way to let the housekeepers know what you want done. Good companies will show you their default checklists, but make sure to discuss and modify it as needed.

Regular cleaning checklist for vacation rental properties

Regular cleaning or between-rentals cleaning is conducted when guests leave the property and before new guests arrive.

The checklist for regular vacation rental cleaning includes:

  • Kitchen: Clean all elements and scrub and sanitize sinks. Restock detergent, coffee filters, and trash bags.
  • Living room: Clean, dust and vacuum everything, including carpets and furniture. Wash floor and empty wastebaskets.
  • Bedrooms: Change pillowcases and sheets, check for personal belongings, dust furniture, and clean mirrors.
  • Bathrooms: Clean, scrub and sanitize sinks, showers, bathtubs and toilets. Clean mirrors, wash floors and empty wastebasket. Restock soap, supply hand and bath towels for each guest.
  • Other areas: Empty washer and dryer, wipe off patio set, clean barbecue grill, etc.

How to Hire a Cleaning Service for Your Vacation Rental

Keeping your vacation rental clean is essential to attracting guests. In today’s internet-connected world, it’s not a matter of “Will people talk about your property on social media?” The only question is “What will they say?” Your choice of a cleaning service will be a big part of their attitude towards your vacation home property.

You’ll not only want to find a reliable cleaning service, you’ll also want to keep them. Your cleaning person or company deserves your respect. They work hard for you.

Cleaning Made Easy specializes in vacation rental property cleaning. Here’s how to contact us:

Call or text Vanessa: (541) 650-8459